Sean T. Normoyle

Software Engineer


Hi, my name's Sean. I'm what some people might call a programmer.



Puzzle/platformer for the browser Built with TypeScript and HTML Canvas. Playable, just needs polishing!

Stackmo screenshot


Web app for tracking beer fermentaton and bottling dates. Built with JavaScript: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js.

BrewKeeper screenshot


Visual Studio extension for quickly identifying running w3wp.exe process IDs.

w3wpHUD screenshot

See more on GitHub: @Cynicollision


I presented an introduction to Express in December 2017 for the Western MA Dev Tech user group. All presentation material is available here on GitHub:

Professional Experience

I work professionally on line-of-business web applications: JavaScript SPA frontends, ASP.NET and WCF server-side, and SQL Server behind that. I write a lot of JavaScript, C#, and T-SQL. It doesn't leave a lot of time for side projects, but I like my job (Hi, boss!).

I like using front-end technologies like Angular, Bootstrap, and Webpack, plus unit testing frameworks with Jasmine and Karma. I'm pretty excited about React too and am looking forward to using it in future projects.

I also like building backend systems with Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB. In the past I've worked with Java and Android app development too.

More about me

I'm from the Western Massachusetts area and I have my B.S. in Computer Science from Western New England University.

When I'm not coding I like to jam out on my guitar, play video games, and cook beer. Not all at once though.

I help run the Western Massachusetts Development Technology user group - check us out on We meet ~monthly and talk about all sorts of topics in technology.

I'm also a Nintendo fanatic.

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